• Childcare Language Programs - Educational, affordable and FUN


    We can offer languages other than French, Spanish, Mandarin, German and Italian if there is interest.

    (The following additional languages are available to childcare centres. Finnish, Greek, Gujarati, Hindi, Indonesian, Japanese, Korean, Latin, Portuguese, Russian)

    • We offer specialist language learning programs for babies, toddlers and young children.
    • French, Spanish, Mandarin, Italian and German Language programs available
    • The cost of the fun language program is paid by the /Childcare Centre based on an hourly rate of $100-$120.
    • Depending on the centre’s licensed capacity, and the number of lessons per week, the cost can be as little as $3 per child!
    • LCF Fun Languages operates language learning programs in a number of childcare centres across Australia

    Learning a second language:


    • helps kids build self-esteem,
    • boosts their cognitive skills and brain power
    • increases their vocabulary
    • fosters a respect and appreciation for different cultures
  •  On a path to becoming bilingual

    Designed especially for preschoolers, our play-based, immersion style sessions start children on an exciting journey to becoming bilingual. Children participate in small groups and participate in weekly sessions in the desired target language. These preschooler language lessons are delivered through fun activities and many already popular preschooler games – they’re just in another language! 


    Behind the fun appearance of the LCF Fun Languages teaching methodology lies a carefully structured program specifically designed for the preschoolers to learn a second language quickly and naturally. Each week new words and phrases are added and consolidated over the term. Our teachers use beautiful resources and the lively sessions engage the children and room teachers in each activity.


    Our programs are the perfect complement to the government’s Early Learning Language Australia (ELLA) objectives and their current program to provide childcare centres with language ‘apps’ for kinder programs. At LCF Fun Languages, we understand that teaching via ‘apps’ alone is not enough to enable children to embark upon a bilingual journey – so our play-based, active and fun programs complement the online learning opportunities and give children the opportunity to practice amongst themselves and learn to use their new language in conversation.


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    Including Languages in your Preschool Planning



  • Language Program Pre-school
    French, Spanish, Mandarin, Italian & German language program for age 0 – 6
  • Childcare centre club in action at Lyndhurst Early Learning Centre, Queensland 




  • Some of the Childcare Centres currently running LCF Fun Languages learning programs
  • Testimonials

  • Childcare Centre Manager, Brisbane

    “I have spoken to the manager at the Annerley Centre following their first Spanish lesson this week and she is very complimentary of the new Spanish session and has said that “the teacher is lovely, she is very, very good”.


    She has said she can see a significant difference in the quality of the LCF program compared to their previous provider (which is wonderful to hear) and that she was very pleased that the teacher arrived early so that she could show her around and have a chat with her.


    It’s wonderful feedback to have after only one session –  thank you again for all the hard work that went into making it happen at this Centre.”

  • Childcare Centre Manager, Sydney

    “It is such a wonderful experience to see the children learning a  language such as French. The minute the teacher walks in the door the children shout her name and are so eager to see what she has prepared for them. 


    The children are given a wide variety of activities such as Group time Language Experiences and Stories, Songs and Colouring /Writing Language Sheets that enrich their learning experiences, making it a whole lot of fun. 


    The parents are thrilled and amazed at how much their children have learned through the LCF Fun Languages program. The children have picked up the language so quickly and never seem to forget what they had learned the previous week.  Learning a new Language is such an enriching experience for all children.

  • Will this fit our budget? How affordable is this for our Centre?
    • The cost of the fun language program is paid by the Pre-School/Childcare Centre based on an hourly rate of $100-120.
    • We come to your Centre for a minimum of 1hr per week and can teach single groups or split kinder groups into 2-3 smaller groups to optimise number ratios.
    • This price can work out to as little as $3 per child per session – an incredible price for the benefit they receive.
    • We can visit multiple times during a week to cover several Kinder groups,
    • We can stay for 2-4 hrs on a single morning to cover each room or we can come in for one-off ‘language experience’ visits.
    • The structure of our program is negotiated to suit your Centre’s requirements. 
    • Depending on your licensed capacity and the number of lessons per week, the cost can be as little as $3 per child!
    What can you expect from LCF Fun Languages?
    • A carefully structured, progressive sequence of lessons.
    • Native or near native peaking teachers who use the target language as much as possible to help children learn correct pronunciation, and the rhythm and flow of the language, as well as its grammar and sentence structure.
    • Basic instructions are always in the target language.
    • Children play games, sing songs, act out role plays and interact with each other and absorb the new language without consciously thinking about it.  
    • An interactive and communicative approach which is supported by professionally designed materials including flashcards, board books, giant dice, puppets, CDs, songbooks and activity worksheets.
    • A teaching methodology that makes language learning fun and stress-free for the children thereby enhancing their learning.
    • Weekly emails with the vocabulary covered in the lesson (for you to send to your parents).
    • End of term reports/summaries.
    • End of Year Performances to demonstrate the children’s learning.
    Our Brilliant Language Teachers – who are they?
    • All programs are taught by experienced language teachers who are fluent in the target language.
    • Our teachers receive comprehensive training in the use of our professionally-developed teaching materials & methods.
    • When you register for one of our LCF Fun Languages preschool programs, every Kinder or Childcare Centre receives their own personal LCF Manager to ensure that your program is run effectively and efficiently.
    • We undertake regular communication to ensure that we’re captivating the children’s minds and that we’re adding value to your Centre’s programs.
    • Our teachers provide you with regular reports to pass on to your families and to stick up at the Centre. These summarise vocabulary, phrases, and songs that they’ve learned together during the term and help give your Centre a point of difference. 
    • The lesson plans and language teaching programs that the teachers use have been developed by experienced early years educators and expert linguists to ensure they’re pitched at the correct level and that they’re engaging and valuable for the child’s learning journey. 
    • All teachers hold a current Working with Children certification and many are teaching at other local preschools and schools in your area.
    • The teachers assist you with the continuity of the children’s language learning journey when they progress on to primary school.
    Our pre-schooler language programs  are for babies – 5 yrs old. 
    Why learn a language this early? 
    • Children who are exposed to learning another language in their pre-school years are shown to get to a higher level cognitively and perform better in a wide range of other subjects. 
    • Research has proven that before the age of 6, children have a willingness and ability to easily learn another language – even when they are still learning their emerging English language!
    • Exposure to as little as 1hr per week of a foreign language in the earliest years of preschool has been shown to raise a child’s IQ, general cognitive function, vocabulary, and self-esteem.
    • Their thinking and reasoning skills are heightened, their numeracy skills and maths manipulation skills are honed and we are seeing the language learners become earlier readers with better cultural understanding and appreciation.
    • Programs targeted for:
      • 0 months – 6 months
      • 6 months – 24 months
      • 2 – 3 yrs
      • 3 – 5 yrs 

    “It is during this period and especially the first eight years of life, when the foundations for thinking, language, vision, attitudes, aptitudes and other characteristics are laid down” says Ronald Kotulak, author of ‘Inside the Brain’

    Supporting natural abilities and gifted children
    • Languages are a wonderful way to enable and support children to achieve their full potential – at all levels of the learning spectrum.
    • Our experienced teachers support each child to explore not only new words each week, but thinking about how that word relates to situational experience and other objects – in the language and in translation.
    • This advanced kind of thinking (taught through games and other fun play-based activities) amplifies a child’s education and provides both children and parents with an advantage as they enter primary school.
    LCF Fun Languages programs encompass the Early Years Learning & Development Framework Outcomes
    • Children have a strong sense of identity – we cover significant celebrations in Australia
    • Children are connected with, and contribute to, their world – we celebrate cultural differences
    • Children have a strong sense of well-being – our programs include singing, dancing and encourage learning at home
    • Children are confident and involved learners – our program has been specifically developed for preschool age group
    • Children are effective communicators 

    We have prepared a detailed guide for Board Members, Kindergarten Director, Teachers and Parents on how our Fun Languages program aligns with the Early Years Learning & Development Framework for Australian states.


    Download a detailed copy of the guide 

    Cultural Experience Sessions for your Centre
    • In addition to running in-kinder or in-Childcare Centre programs, we can also run wonderful language ‘experiences’ – e.g. “A Day Trip to Paris” –  where the children experience the culture and the language.
    • The perfect complement to your early years learning framework as well as any celebration weeks such as Cultural Diversity Day/Week, National Children’s Week, or any of the state Education Weeks.
    • We can visit during your regional or local festivals/Harmony celebrations.
     Language Learning Resources
    • Even if you are not able to take on a language learning program right now, you can still offer your Kinder / Centre families an opportunity to learn another language.
    • Check out our Online Store for French and Spanish “Brain Booster” preschooler CD/songbooks and/ or a subscription to BabelZone and EnglishZone, our unique online learning resources.
    • The “Zones” have over 300 songs, games, interactive picture stories and sound bites to practice the target language with the whole family. There are specific sections especially for pre-schoolers.
    • Find out more about BabelZone and EnglishZone Online language learning resource