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    Online language learning resources for classrooms and home learning 


    The growth of technology for educational use has transformed the way people learn and access education, and particularly when it comes to learning another language.


    Did you know? You can use BabelZone and EnglishZone on your mobile device!
    • With over 300 songs, stories, and activities, downloadable MP3 sound bites with transcripts, worksheets and interactive learning for young language learners, BabelZone and EnglishZone are a very effective supplemental component in the Fun Languages kit of language learning tools.


    Engaging, Entertaining and Enjoyable
    • Research shows that reinforcing the target language at home will get your child USING the language much faster.
    • .BabelZone and EnglishZone for French,  Spanish  and  English, have been created to help you support your child’s language lessons at home.
    • They are a FUN and engaging way for children to play an active role in their language learning.
    • All the topics that are introduced during our club sessions are reinforced through the games and activities on this site.
    • They provide a great opportunity for students to work independently and at the same time practice their newly acquired language.
    • The components are activity based and relate to listening, speaking, reading and writing skills. 
    • We recommend playing the CD in the car with the kids so that you can all learn the catchy songs and sing along.  
    • And kids LOVE logging onto BabelZone by themselves!


    Become a Fun Languages Club Member and an online  subscription is included in your membership pack! 



    ·   Babelzone – (Primary age French and Spanish)

    ·   Juniorzone – (Free songs for Secondary Age French and Spanish)

    ·   Englishzone

  • Using a Mobile Device?

    Use Englishzone and Babelzone with Puffin Academy!
    The FREE Puffin Academy app enables  Adobe Flash based educational websites on the iOS and Android platforms.

    ·   Download Puffin Academy app for iPhone / iPad

    ·   Download Puffin Academy app for Android

    ·   Download the App, then find Englishzone or Babelzone in the Puffin portal.

  • ACCESS using mobile device

    ·   Babelzone 

    ·   Juniorzone 

    ·   Englishzone



    • We now provide exclusive online material (stories, activities and songs) for Mandarin, German & Italian for our clubs members and children attending the childcare, where we provide language program.




    • Ideal for the foreign language classroom
    • LCF Clubs’ Online Learning Resource for use on interactive whiteboards in classrooms or PCs at home or school.
    • Ideal for teaching of French and Spanish in Australian schools at all levels.
    • Teacher’s handbook available to support the use of BabelZone in the classroom by specialist and non-specialist teachers.
    • Accompanying colourful sets of French and Spanish Workbooks 1-4
    • Each unit is divided into 5 sections: Input: 300+ stories, activities and songs in French and Spanish.
    • Use on your IWBs, iPads or PC in the school’s computer suite
    • Print and play – flashcards, worksheets and craft – activities to print or to use on your interactive whiteboard.
    • Sound bites – downloadable sound files (mp3) and scripts – use them for simple listen and repeat pronunciation exercises or comprehension exercises.
    • Picture bank – access to hundreds of photos organised into topics – Use for the cultural understanding side of the courses, for displays or as flashcards.




    “Babelzone is an excellent IWB resource.  Introducing Babelzone into our French Program has added an extra dimension to our

    preschool Year 2 French program.” Alexandra Harper, Head of Early Childhood Australia



    “I really like Babelzone.  It works so well with our Year 8 groups and the workbook is just the right length for our 2 terms.
    My only complaint is that they get a bit noisy … because they are having so much fun and laughing!” Sancta Maria School