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    *$20 – $25 incl. GST per 60 minute lesson (primary age)

    $15 – $20 incl. GST per 30-45 minute lesson (preschool age)

    *In metropolitan areas and prices may vary



    French, German, Mandarin, Italain & Spanish Club Membership Pack (includes CD/songbook & annual subscription to Babelzone) 

    *$19.99 incl. GST

    French, German, Mandarin, Italain &Spanish Inscription Membership Pack (incl. French / Spanish Handbook & annual subscription to Babelzone)

    *$19.99 incl. GST

    A fun and engaging way to reinforce the language at home

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    * These prices are valid for club members only.  

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    Great as a gift or to reinforce the language at home. 

    French and Spanish CD / Songbooks with 50 songs, raps, lyrics, dialogues and illustrations, both traditional and new.

    Ideal for home and classroom


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    Kids LOVE the LCF Zones! 

    Full of games, videos, songs and activities – in the target language.

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  • Childcare Cost

    *$90-$110 + GST per 60 minute lesson

    Approximately $4.50 per kid per lesson. For a class of 12 kids.

    *In metropolitan areas and prices may vary