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    Business Opportunities for Motivated and Well-Organised Individuals

    who are Passionate about Languages, Children and Education.

    Recruiting new franchisees across Australia. Be your own boss for little as $2,500 (T&C Apply)


    Become An LCF Fun Languages Franchisee

    Ever dreamed of owning your own business, doing what you are passionate about and using your existing experience and skills?

    Language School Franchise

    Own a Fun Languages teaching franchise

    Profitable, flexible, rewarding, fun! Work FOR yourself, not BY yourself.

    Whether or not you speak another language, our proven franchise model will guide you create a profitable, rewarding and flexible business that will allow you to work around your family commitments.
    Even if you work entirely from home or choose to also do some of the teachings yourself, you will become part of a network of inspiring linguists and educators.






    LCF Childcare language teacher teaching French, Spanish, Mandarin (Chinese), Italian and German

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    Why do people buy an LCF Fun Languages Franchise? Who are they?

    Our existing franchisees are a diverse and wonderful team of well-organised, dedicated language enthusiasts, looking to develop skills in business and other areas.

    Some are qualified language professionals and experienced teachers, some are native speakers who want to share their language and culture.

    ALL are passionate about children’s education and languages.

    For our Team of franchisees, we are looking for the best! – if you feel you have what it takes and would like to be considered, then we would love to hear from you!



    Meet Our Franchisees


    Why do people buy an LCF Fun Languages Franchisee?  Who are they?
    Our existing franchisees are a diverse and wonderful team of well-organised, dedicated language enthusiasts, looking to develop skills in business and other areas.   Some are qualified language professionals and experienced teachers, some are native speakers who want to share their language and culture.  ALL are passionate about children’s education and languages.

    • Stay-at-home mums looking for opportunities to work from home or return to work.  Our top-performing franchisees do not speak another language!
    • Native or near-native speakers of French, Spanish, Italian, German or Mandarin Chinese who want to USE their language.
    • French teachers, Spanish teachers, German teachers, Italian teachers, Mandarin teachers, ESOL teachers.
    • Looking for professionally-developed language teaching materials for 2-12 year olds at all levels. Opportunities to teach adults are also available.
    • Are passionate about languages and children and we provide an ongoing training program to support them.
    • Want to further develop teaching skills.
    • Want to develop their organisational, business and/or sales and marketing skills.
    • Want the flexible and lifestyle opportunities that business ownership provides.

    We are very proud of our team of dedicated and passionate language entrepreneurs, all of whom are committed to ensuring that children are given the opportunity to experience the cognitive benefits and freedom that come with early language learning!
    What do our franchise managers have to say about us? Read what some of our Franchise Managers have to say about their LCF Fun Languages business.


    Why Buy A Franchise?

    Top Reasons for Buying a Franchise

    The top reasons for getting into a franchise are outlined below.  They will also show you some of the major challenges that you will face anyway if you decide to go it alone.
    If you do your due diligence well and find the right franchise, you will find that buying a franchise is a great way to avoid the expensive mistakes you are likely to make anyway for starting up alone!

    Turnkey Business

    • A business is considered turnkey if at the point of purchase, all the hard work is done and the business is ready to become operational without any additional steps needed.  So what you are in fact buying is the right to marketing materials, intellectual property, training and support, a web presence and proven system.
      With a franchise, the franchisee should be able to just turn the key to begin the business.

    Proven System

    • When you buy a franchise, you buy a system.  A detailed Operations Manual should be provided, based on a business model that has been proven to work. The systems are designed to increase productivity and sales of each franchisee.  If you follow the system, you will be eliminating common mistakes that are normally made by new business owners and you should be successful!

    More likely to succeed

    • Some studies show that franchises have a success rate of approximately 90% as compared to only about 15% for businesses that are started from the ground up. The increased probability of success usually far outweighs any initial franchise fee and nominal royalties that are paid monthly.
      Generally speaking, as long as franchisees are willing to follow the instructions from the franchisor and take advantage of the support system they should have a very good chance of finding success.

    The Power of the Brand

    • If you join a franchise, there should already be brand awareness.  This will mean customers are more likely to buy from you if they already know and trust you.  There is also a recognised logo along with advertising that is linked to the name of the franchise.  For example, what we find is that if a customer hears about you through word of mouth, they are likely to google you first before taking action.  If your business and the brand show up and rank highly, the customer will buy!

    Training Programs

    • Most franchise companies offer a training program and ongoing support.  This will train you to run your franchise efficiently and exactly the same way their other franchise locations are run.  There should also be the opportunity to meet or network with other franchisees.  depending on your location.

    Ongoing support 

    • There should also be ongoing support and guidance as you learn new business skills and grow your new business.  Make sure you are clear on how far this guidance extends!  You should always be able to pick up the phone or book a skype call to request from the franchisor or other franchisees.


    • Most franchises will have a clear marketing and advertising strategy and will take care of handling this at a national level.  If there is marketing to be done at a local level, there should be an outline for you to follow and systems in place for you to use. Approval is usually necessary prior to proceed with the local plan.  You should also be able to request help with your business plan and budgeting your startup.


    • If you buy a franchise, you should become part of a network of like-minded people who share your passion for your industry and got involved for some of the reasons that you want to!  These people can become an invaluable source of support and guidance.  In effect, you will work for yourself but not BY YOURSELF!

    Risk Avoidance

    • For many of the reasons outlined above, you should be able to assess, with relative certainty, what will happen when you buy into your selected franchise, including a realistic timeframe for a return on your investment and future potential.


  • What is the investment to get started?

    An LCF Langauge franchise is a low-cost home-based franchise with potential for high-profit margins. For a reasonable investment, we also offer several investment levels. You have choices! 

  • Annual License

    An Annual License is designed for the person who wants to teach all the classes by themselves on a part-time or full-time basis.

    Annual fee $2,500 (T&C). Comes with FREE $20 million PLI (public liability insurance)



    A Silver Level Franchise is designed for the people who want to teach single language classes themselves and/or with a teacher on a full-time basis in a territory.

    Franchise fee $10,000

  • GOLD


    A Gold Level Franchise is designed for a motivated, financially qualified person who wants to manage a territory who may or may not teach the programs themselves.

    Franchise fee $20,000


    An Area Developer Level franchise is designed for a motivated, financially qualified person who would enjoy an additional profit centre.  The Area Developer Developer would earn 40% of the paid initial franchise fee for each new franchisee they recruit in their territory along with 20% of their quarterly royalties! You have an option to develop the tertiary or assist in selling new franchises in your area. Following areas are available VIC, QLD, TAS, WA, SA, NT, ACT)

    Area Developer Franchise fee $40,000