• Fun Base Learning is one of the best methodology for teaching languages. It is best for learning and delivers amassing results. Fun Base Learning is suitable for children aged between 5 and 12 years and in primary schools, as well as those aged 0-5 years and in childcare centers.

    The idea behind Fun Base Language Learning is making learning a fun-filled activity for all children. The little ones learn better when their lessons are filled with plenty of fun. This way, it is easier for their minds to retain new learning.

    Languages Taught

    Fun Base Learning approach has proved highly effective at teaching the following languages at LCF Fun Languages Australia:

    1. French
    2. Spanish
    3. Mandarin
    4. Italian
    5. German

    More importantly, the classes at LCF Fun Languages Australia do not revolve around languages alone. On their own, languages may not be fun to learn. The methodology used in making languages fun to learn features several activities that include games, technology, dance, music and songs, activity sheets, drama and role playing.

    Small Group Learning

    Each teacher takes care of a small group of learners. This ensures that all students receive the personal attention required to learn a new language successfully. The approach works well regardless of the student’s familiarity (or lack thereof) with the new language.

    The methodology takes cognizant of the natural process that is involved in acquiring or learning a new language, especially among little children. This method trains children to excel in not only listening, but also repeating, speaking, reading and writing the newly acquired language.

    Encourages Independent Learning

    The fun-based approach allows children to develop into independent learners. It directs them towards learning by making inquiries too. The fact that children naturally love to explore and possess highly inquisitive minds helps make the entire approach quite successful.

    Children who show up for the fun-based learning may already have a first language. The program uses this as the basis for teaching them a second language. It does not ignore the similarities and differences that exist between the children’s first and second languages.

    The driving guide of the entire program is communication. This is closely related to inter-cultural understanding that the program endeavors to transmit to the young minds. At the end of the program, each student becomes a good communicator and understands other cultures well.

    Therefore, the premise is that Fun Base Language Learning is not only best for learning, but also the perfect approach for delivering great results. It benefits children in several ways by allowing them to learn in fun-filled surroundings.

    Contact us to start a language program at your primary school or childcare centre. www.lcfclubs.com.au or 1300 707 288


    LCF Fun Languages Australia Media Team

    (*LCF Fun Languages Australia, operates pre-school, childcare centre, kinder, Montessori, before and after-school language learning centres across Australia. Operating throughout Europe, Australasia, South America and Asia, LCF started teaching languages in 1985 with a method based on the natural way that children acquire a language.)

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