• On a path to becoming bilingual

    Designed especially for preschoolers, our play-based, immersion style sessions start children on an exciting journey to becoming bilingual. Children participate in small groups and participate in weekly sessions in the desired target language. These preschooler language lessons are delivered through fun activities and many already popular preschooler games – they’re just in another language! 


    Did you know?

    1.     If you run a survey with the parents, the survey results will reinforce that the language program offering at a centre is one of the key reason for selecting a centre.

    2.     History has told us the days we run the language program the centres are typically full.


    Behind the fun appearance of the LCF Fun Languages, teaching methodology lies a carefully structured program specifically designed for the preschoolers to learn a second language quickly and naturally. Each week new words and phrases are added and consolidated over the term. Our teachers use beautiful resources and the lively sessions engage the children and room teachers in each activity.



    Our programs are the perfect complement to the government’s Early Learning Language Australia (ELLA) objectives and their current program to provide childcare centres with language ‘apps’ for kinder programs. At LCF Fun Languages, we understand that teaching via ‘apps’ alone is not enough to enable children to embark upon a bilingual journey – so our play-based, active and fun programs complement the online learning opportunities and give children the opportunity to practice amongst themselves and learn to use their new language in conversation.


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