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    • LCF Fun language services (French, Spanish, Mandarin, Italian & German Language and Jazz-Mataz music & movement program) can give your childcare centre a competitive ADVANTAGE!

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  • 3 ways to keep your little linguist motivated

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      3 ways to keep your little linguist motivated

      Motivation is one of the key success factors in language learning. If your little language learner doesn’t see any reason in why learning or speaking the target language could be useful or fun for him or her, they will quickly do exactly the opposite – which is not use it at all.

      Here are our top 3 tips in how to boost motivation in language learning.

      #1 Travel

      What can be better than hitting the road with mom and dad, seeing exciting places, eating delicious local food and experiencing a whole new world?

      Being immersed to an environment where target language is the most commonly used is one of the most efficient ways to give language learning motivation a boost. This way you give your child not only the opportunity to hear, speak and interact but also the chance to learn about traditions, food, history and culture of the country.

      #2 Make friends

      Nothing is better than learning and laughing with a buddy – for you and for your little linguist. Join a hobby group, build a support network and make friends with other families, who are raising their kids with the same languages. This way you ensure interaction in the target language in a relaxed and safe environment with same-aged kids, which is one of the most crucial factors in language learning motivation.

      #3 Fun

      Using the language should be fun – think of activities in the language which makes your child want to speak it. This could be movies, books, games, role plays, dancing, songs, theaters and other fun activities. Joining one of our LCF Fun Languages Clubs will also make languages a fun social event for your child. LCF language clubs are based on a play-based immersion learning and our curriculum responds to children, their interests, hobbies and preferences.

      If you would like to find out more about our methodology, please click here.

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  • Some Easter Traditions From Other Countries

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