• French lessons for children in Newcastle, NSW

    Dreams really DO come true! 

    The great things about children is that they dream BIG. Anything is possible in a young brain and that is why teaching languages to Australian children is so exciting.

    When it comes to learning another language, kids are simply UNSTOPPABLE and that is certainly the case with my student, Zara, who has been taking French lessons in Newcastle with me for 3 years.

    Like most girls her age, Zara keeps a diary and shares her wishes in her journal. 

    At the top of the list of WISHES THAT HAVE TO COME TRUE, Zara wrote:

    “I want to go and visit Paris with my friends and live in the same house with a room for each of us.”

    Luckily for Zara, her parents made her dream come true with a family trip to Paris. She was able to put her French lessons to the test while visiting all the amazing sights and landmarks of Paris that she has dreamt of seeing.

    I was thrilled for Zara, who had been so inspired by her Fun Languages French class, and I am delighted that, as her teacher, I was able to help her make her FRENCH DREAM a truly memorable one!

    For more information about my language lessons for children in Newcaslte and to view a timetable of classes in the area, please visit my web page by following the link below 

    Sandra Peachey, LCF Fun Languages Club Manager – Newcastle & Port Stephens


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