LCF Fun Languages Seeks Passionate Teachers for Language Learning Centres

    Teacher helping kids learn languages

    In the diverse landscape of global business, the demand for multilingual skills is on the rise. LCF Fun Languages, an international language education franchise, is at the forefront of this linguistic revolution. Established in 1985, LCF Fun Languages operates a network of language learning centers across Australia, Europe, Australasia, South America, and Asia. With a unique methodology based on the natural language acquisition process of children, LCF Fun Languages aims to empower the next generation with the skills and confidence to communicate in French, Spanish, Mandarin Chinese, Italian, German, or English.

    The LCF Fun Languages Approach:

    At the core of LCF Fun Languages’ success is a teaching approach that combines various engaging elements, including drama, storytelling, technology, songs, crafts, and games. This innovative blend ensures that children not only learn a new language but also develop a profound understanding of and appreciation for it. By mimicking the way children naturally acquire languages, the LCF method facilitates a rapid and enjoyable learning experience.

    The Programs:

    LCF Fun Languages offers language programs in a variety of settings, including pre-schools, childcare centres, kindergartens, Montessori schools, and before and after-school programs. This wide range of offerings allows children to seamlessly integrate language learning into their daily routines, fostering a holistic and immersive language acquisition experience.

    The languages currently offered by LCF Fun Languages include French, Spanish, Mandarin Chinese, Italian, German, and English. This diverse selection reflects the global nature of the program, catering to the linguistic needs of children across continents.

    Join the LCF Fun Languages Family:

    As LCF Fun Languages continues to expand its reach and impact, the need for passionate and dedicated teachers has never been greater. The franchise is actively seeking educators who share its commitment to making language learning a fun and rewarding experience for children.

    Teachers at LCF Fun Languages play a pivotal role in shaping the linguistic capabilities of the next generation. The curriculum encourages educators to utilize creative and interactive teaching methods, ensuring that each child not only learns a new language but also develops a genuine enthusiasm for cross-cultural communication.

    Why Teach with LCF Fun Languages?

    Global Impact: By joining LCF Fun Languages, teachers become part of a global movement to equip children with essential language skills. The ripple effect of this impact is felt in communities around the world.

    Innovative Teaching Methods: LCF Fun Languages provides its teachers with a unique and proven methodology that combines entertainment with education. This ensures that language learning is a joyful and memorable experience for both educators and students.

    Diverse Cultural Exposure: As a teacher with LCF Fun Languages, you’ll have the opportunity to expose children to different cultures and foster an appreciation for diversity. This enriching aspect of the job goes beyond language acquisition and contributes to the development of well-rounded individuals.

    Professional Development: LCF Fun Languages is committed to the growth and development of its educators. Through ongoing training and support, teachers have the opportunity to enhance their teaching skills and stay updated on the latest educational trends.

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  • In the diverse landscape of global business, the demand for multilingual skills is on the rise. LCF Fun Languages, an […]

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  • Mandarin on Tuesdays 5-12 yrs at Mossgiel Park Primary School

    • Mandarin on Tuesdays 5-12 yrs at Mossgiel Park Primary School

      Time: 03:30 pm – 04:30 pm              Day: Tuesdays

      Location: 71/75 Scotsburn Way, Endeavour Hills VIC 3802

      Start and End Day: 29/05/2018 to 26/06/2018

      Teacher Name: Dr Ling She

      Classroom: TBA

      Support email:

      Support Number: 0421327545

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  • A new study has identified the languages children should learn now in order to set them up for success in adulthood

    • A new study has identified the languages children should learn now in order to set them up for success in adulthood

      The results revealed that French, German and Mandarin are the top three languages that will set children up for life so they can take advantage of maximum opportunities as adults. 

      Over 2,000 UK parents with children under 18-years-old were surveyed in the study, which was carried out by the Centre of Economics and Business Research and Opinium in partnership with Heathrow airport. 

      As well as identifying the top three languages that children should learn to set them up for success as adults, the results also revealed that kids across the country are missing out on many opportunities that learning languages presents to them.

      According to the research, 45% of parents currently have children who can’t speak a second language to a basic level where they can have a simple conversation, such as introducing themselves, ordering food, asking for directions or what time it is.

      On the contrary 85% of those parents surveyed believe language skills are very important for children and 27% agree that it will improve their children’s future career opportunities and employability.

      It is believed that language skills in general will contribute up to £500 billion to the economy by 2027, so the earlier children start learning a second language, the better.

      Antonella Sorace, the founder of Bilingualism Matters and Professor of Developmental Linguistics at Edinburgh University commented on the study saying, ‘This research demonstrates how important language learning is to the UK economy, and shows that many more doors are opened to people who learn a second language as children. 

      ‘We believe that language learning is hugely beneficial for children’s development and it’s a real investment for the future: children who are exposed to different languages become more aware of different cultures, other people and other points of view.


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  • Fun Languages helps put the world in the palm of their hands

    • All babies are born with the innate ability to acquire language and because of this ability do so at a rapid rate.  Children are able to hear and understand reasonably complex structure or patterns without ever having a direct lesson in grammar or speech.  

      However, it’s commonly believed that there’s a certain period of “linguistic plasticity” that extends only to a certain age (before the age of 8 years at the outside) after which language learning becomes much more difficult and less successful.  Studies of so-called “wolf children” who, for various reasons, were not exposed to language before the age of 8, have shown that these children have very limited success in acquiring language thereafter – especially grammar.

      One famous example of this is the case of 13 year old Genie, who was discovered isolated in a room by her father.  Although, after her discovery she was subsequently able to learn the words for identifying objects, all attempts to teach her grammatical English – how to use the words in comprehensible and grammatically correct sentences – met with failure.  


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  • Music is Key in Learning Languages

    • Using regular and repetitive methods to expose children to a language is a great way to teach them the language and music is a great way to do that!  Our LCF songs each tell a story – perfect for young ears to learn and get used to the story which in turn helps them remember the language.  And … you can now access some of our funky animated songs in French and Spanish online for FREE!

      “The neurological links between language and music are vast but the basic thing to remember is that music activates more parts of the brain than language does, on both the right and left sides of the brain. So if you remember something to a tune, you are more likely to recall the information than if you just read it or heard it spoken.  Have you ever heard a song on the radio that you haven’t heard in a decade and you surprise yourself by singing all the lyrics?  Music and catchy jingles can stick in our minds for years while names of people, places,  verb conjugation charts and memorized data disappear.” (source /

      Kids love hearing a favourite song and will listen to it again and again, and each time they do, they learn a little more of the target language.  The LCF Fun Languages CDs for our French, Spanish and Mandarin for Kids club members are another way for your child to keep learning.  

      • We’re always in the car – you don’t need to schedule ‘practice’ time all the time – just turn on the CD when you’re in the car (or in the background at home) and let the fun vocab rock out!
      • Listening to lyrical music in different languages will really help them “copy” the melody of the language.
      • Lyrical music helps them to remember pronunciation and vocabulary.
      • Kids love kids music! Their ears naturally atune to the melody and words without realising it. They’ll be humming it and singing bits long after you’ve turned it off.
      • Stories in songs engage your child!

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