• 150917 blog winnersLearning a new language takes time, commitment and a long-term approach. Especially for parents of the children who do our language lessons. 

    Results are not necessarily immediate, especially with a language like Mandarin Chinese for Australian children. There is a silent period where the kids may not say much in the target language and it is easy to get disheartened and want to quit.

    This is exactly what happened to one of our parents Kathryn, who at the end of last year decided to start a Mandarin Chinese home tutoring group in Melbourne for her two boys. By the end of term 2, the other friends that had started with Kathryn’s children had decided to drop out and Kathryn was becoming disheartened. Results were not meeting her expectations! 

    Then the unexpected happened.

    One evening at a recent function, one of the boys found himself sitting next to a pretty Chinese girl …


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