• 150729 blog immersionsal3Exactly what do the kids get up to in their foreign language lessons with Fun Languages?

    Although sessions may differ slightly from language to language, club to club and from week to week – depending on the lesson plan – many of the songs and games are repeated each week to consolidate the children’s memory and to build their confidence.

    Each lesson builds on the previous one and our fantastic, native speaking, language teachers involve the children in many fun activities, as you’ll see below in a sample lesson outline from one of our immersion preschooler Mandarin clubs in Bendigo, Victoria.

    Group storytelling, calligraphy, large dice games, tea sets, mock shops, playdough, games of hide & seek, treasure hunts, duck duck goose game, “What’s the time Mr.Wolf” game, musical cushions game, caterpillar/butterfly game, and dress ups are just some of the very engaging activities for our little linguists.  

    And the kids LOVE them so much, they don’t even realise they are learning another language!


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