• For many children (and adults!), Maths is seen as a foreign language in itself.

    So the idea of numeracy in another language and children becoming more proficient in language-based numeracy is both a challenging and an exciting opportunity. 

    Integrated language and content instruction also known as content-centered or content-based language learning is an effective way for learners of other languages to develop both their second language skills and their academic skills at the same time.

    In everyday life, in every language, children are confronted by numbers; from reading the time, getting on the right bus or putting coins in a meter, to buying fruit from the shop and cutting up the afternoon tea.

    With our FUN teaching methods, integrating numeracy with language learning gives us an opportunity to consolidate familiar lifestyle activities and conversation with numbers.  And strenthens our little linguists’ numeracy and problem solving skills in both English and their newly acquired language.

    In our language classes, our instructions, our learning outcomes, the encouragement and feedback we give are all opportunities to use numeracy examples and vocabulary and to showcase solutions to problems in the target language.

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