• Second language learning strategies for schoolsThinking about your child’s language learning? Here is some food for thought…

    It’s interesting to consider what your school’s language learning strategy is, what their LOTE (Languages other than English) objectives are and whether they have considered some of the aspects listed below in providing a program to inspire little linguists?

    Economic aspects: how are bilingual programs / LOTE study financed and resourced (time/people/money); which governmental institutions have a role to play and what support can they provide; how will bilingualism and LOTE study be financed in the future; which language/country to choose as your target language/cultural connection; language learning policy in education – between states and nationally; the benefits of language for career, business and communication.

    Political aspects: the politics of bilingualism in Australian and beyond; election campaigns and bilingualism; immigration and bilingualism.


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