• There is no pass or fail in language learning.  Just degrees of success… don’t let your child be the one that’s left behind!

    With the recent release of the ACARA REPORT on the shape of the Australian Curriculum: Languages, and with more than 1100 preschools applying for only 40 places for the Australian Government’s Early Learning Languages Australia (ELLA) trial in 2015, it’s clear that there is a renewed focus and desire across Australia, to encourage students to learn a second language.

    The experts have long been expounding a powerful argument for the benefits of learning another language and the draft ACARA report states that learning another language has been shown to extend students’ intellectual and analytical capabilities and strengthen their cognitive and general learning capabilities, such as creative and critical thinking.

    The ELLA trial is part of a wider push by the government to promote languages in schools and to set kids on the path to languages and provide them with a head start towards language study at school. 

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    Research shows that learning languages develops children’s overall literacy, strengthening literacy-related capabilities that are transferable across many learning areas.

    Learning a second language can improve student knowledge of concepts across the entire curriculum and enhances their employment and future career prospects.  


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