• how does bullying affect kids

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    A recent experiment / study, conducted by two New Zealand universities for “encouraging active play” in school playgrounds, turned up some unsurprising results.  The detrimental effects of the Westernised, and increasingly pervasive, “cotton wool” approach to child safety, and the impact of all these rules and regulations on our kids, is noticeable in the behaviour that is manifested on the playground.  

    If we’re to be honest, there probably wasn’t too much need for the study in the first place. The past experience of our educators, and sound judgement rather than “knee jerk reactions”, should be enough when it comes to the Health & Safety regulations that are put in place in schools.

    So, despite our overly litigious westernised society, (which is the reason so often given for the regulations), it’s always a good idea to let common sense prevail when it comes to raising those “little bundles”! 

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    Here’s an excerpt from a recent online article about the experiment.


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