• cultural experience pg dancers An experience of France, Spain or Italy without the travelling!

    Most parents dream of travelling internationally with their kids one day, and introducing them to the many varied and wonderful cultures of the world.  But the family budget, whether one of time or money, is not always on the same page as your dreams!  

    The world is changing and technology has connected continents like never before. Within seconds, we hear about triumphs or tragedies happening in far off places. This is the world in which our children live and we have the privilege, and the responsibility, of introducing them to its beauties, its cultures, and even its challenges.

    We can help give children an opportunity to discover and learn about another culture, its language and its traditions. 

    LCF Fun Languages are pleased to be offering schools the chance to have a complimentary culture session.  Games, food, songs, activities and local culture for children to enjoy.

    Our one hour sessions are aimed at introducing children to the culture and a little bit of language, the main aim is to engage children’s imagination so they want to know more.


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