• Second language skills are important in the fashion industryWhen I was growing up, my mother was working in the fashion industry for a French knitwear company.

    Her glamorous lifestyle would take her off to Paris for all the shows and there was no doubt that her ability to speak German and French had landed her the job in the first place. 

    With NZ Fashion Week in full swing in Auckland this week, the eyes of the international fashion world will be on New Zealand fashion and for some of the models and designers this will mean opportunities overseas.

    According to a recent article in the Guardian newspaper, designers that speak another language are going to have an added advantage and will enhance any budding designer’s visual and verbal communication skills.

    In fact, this is so important now, that London College of Fashion students are encouraged to make use of the university language centre and Erasmus links to study textiles in Lyon or design in Denmark.


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