• Language Portraits for KidsLanguage learning portraits

    Language portraits provide a colourful overview of the languages a child knows, or is learning.

    Whether used in the classroom or at home, they are a fun and interactive way to help kids think about their different languages and how they feel about them.

    Language portraits cover both home and school contexts and are a way of giving visibility and value to all language-learning experiences. They can be used to motivate young learners and they may be particularly valuable, when children move from school to school or when teachers change.

    In either case, they highlight and promote the linguistic diversity which exists in our society, both inside and outside of school.

    “French is in my legs because it is too far away for me to learn it properly even though I would like to. And in order to go far you need legs.” Yogie, aged 12

    “My tummy is Italian…” Chiara, aged 5


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