• Don't let your kids regret not learning another languageRecently, Jodie, a parent from Melbourne, called us about the possibility of starting a Fun Languages club at her daughter’s school.

    Like many parents in Australia, Jodie deeply regrets the fact that she did not learn her ancestral language (Italian) from her parents, who came over to Australia in the post-WWII period.

    During that period. migrants were encouraged to forget their culture, replace their customs with those of Australia, suspend or revise their beliefs and adapt their attitudes to better assimilate into their newly adopted country’s culture. To learn to speak “‘Strine”!

    At Fun Languages, we speak to parents like Jodie every day. Parents who want to give their children the gift of another language, of their parents’ “mother tongue”. Parents who want their kids to benefit from the many opportunities that being bilingual brings.


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